Welcome to the RUST server website "[EU/PL] PvE +PvP"

If you are fed up with the constant PVP chase, raids, picking up nights ...
we suggest a calmer server!

Join a land where PvE zones will keep you safe
and it's time for a little RolePlay so you can enjoy the game.
Of course there are PvP zones on the server, without them RUST would be boring! ;-)

The most beautiful sunsets are at RUST!



Server data:

Server name: [EU/PL] PvE +PvP
Max number of players: 100
Server type: Modded (Oxide 2.0)
Server localization: Poland, Warsaw
Modifications: 5x Stack | 1M Wipe | 4250 MAP | PvE +PVP Areas
Daily Rewards | Discord Drops | 395 Raidable bases | 11 Events
Recycler | Shop | Backpack



RUST server regulations: "[EU/PL] PvE +PvP"


1. Server PvE (with PvP areas). 2. Without White-List 3. There are generally accepted rules of good behavior on the server and culture is required. 4. It is forbidden to damage someone else's property. If you find a corpse/sleepyhead, you can "collect" it (he could be careful/build a base and go to sleep there). 5. Respect others and do not be rude - do not make the game difficult for others, try to help. 6. RP behavior (RolePlay) and interesting ideas related to buildings are welcome. 7. It is forbidden to distribute pornographic content promoting Nazism, communism, fascism, etc. on the server, both in drawings, boards, buildings and in a voice communicator. 8. Voice and written chat is used to exchange information, opinions, etc. Any form of spam, provocation, advertising of other servers, or spreading hatred will be punished by temporary or permanent blocking of the account. Do not abuse CAPSLOCK. 9. It is forbidden to advertise other servers on the server. 10. Impersonating players or administration is strictly prohibited. 11. Any error noticed by the player should be immediately reported to the server administration. 12. The use of bugs, cheats or other external software will result in a permanent account ban without the possibility of revoking. 13. It is forbidden to build respawn places for barrels, chests - cities, spheres, airport, warehouse, etc. 14. The administration is not responsible for your buildings and items, we do not return your equipment or repair any losses. 15. MOD / remove is installed on the server (you click ENTER, start the chat, write /remove ). With it, you can demolish walls/change the appearance of your base.


Have fun!



Basics (ABC in RUST)


0. You collect wood, stones ... you make hammer and construction plan. These are the basic elements that you build/upgrade/repair the base/cars/planes. 1. You are building a base (foundations/walls/ceiling/floors/windows/doors). 2. You create and build a tool cabinet. Secure it with a lock/Code-Lock so that only you can access it. 3. The tool cabinet is the most important point in your base. You have to protect her. If someone takes it, you will lose control of your base (building, access to locks, etc). 4. You put wood/stones/metal/HQ metal in the tool cupboard. Without essential ingredients in your wardrobe, your base will fall apart. 5. The base must have a door with a lock, so that no strangers can enter it, so that they cannot rob you. 6. You put bars on the windows. If they are not there, you can enter your base! 7. You create a sleeping bag from the fabric and place it in/near the base. Thanks to it, in the event of death, you will be reborn in the base, and not in a random place on the map. 8. If you quit the game (leave the server and fall asleep), do it in your base. Thanks to this, no strangers will rob you during your absence on the server. 9. The /remove MOD is installed on the server (you click ENTER, start the chat, write /remove). With it, you can demolish walls/change the appearance of your base. 10. MOD lights is installed on the server. Around 18:00, the lanterns/lights will come on automatically. While burning them, you won't use fuel or wood, and it won't be dark at night in your base ;-)


Join us!